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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

How to setup a Kodi Android TV Box – Step-by-step guide

How to setup a Kodi Android TV Box? In this article you will find the steps to setup a Kodi Android TV Box and How to install Kodi Addons.

 You’ve probably heard of Kodi by this point (which is why you are here) but you might not really understand how useful it is and how easy it is to configure it. Well, I’m here to help so just follow along and by the end, you will have everything you need to know to configure a TV Box that does everything you need it to!

What is Kodi & Android Box?

While I’m assuming you know what these are already, just in case let’s give you a quick review. Android boxes run Google’s Android Operating system and have access to the Google Play Store. They are available from quite a few different vendors and locations – but I’d recommend you take a look at Best Android TV Boxes as they have some good units available with Kodi preinstalled.
Kodi is an entertainment center – it allows you to connect to your local network and stream content that you have already saved and stored, but even better it allows you (through the use of add-ons) to stream TV and Movies directly to your Television bypassing Cable and Satellite companies and their hefty bills!

How do you Connect an Android Box to the TV?

This really is easy …
  1. Android boxes come with an HDMI cable and really all you need to do is plug that cable directly into your TV. If your TV does not support HDMI you can easily purchase an HDMI to AV converter online or at your local electronics store.
  2. Plug the supplied power adapter into your Android TV box and turn it on using the supplied remote.
  3. Follow the simple onscreen instructions to connect to your home WiFi connection or use a hardwired Ethernet connection for an even better streaming and viewing experience. If you don’t get any wifi screen, just access settings -> wifi to connect with your home wifi.
  4. Click on the Kodi option on your screen and follow the steps below to start enjoying free content like movies, tv shows, live tv channels and much, much more!

Protecting yourself Online

Before we get into a lot of detail about some suggested add-ons one, that is almost an absolute must is a VPN. VPN’s act like a tunnel between your device and the destination server. This tunnel helps to keep you anonymous and ensures that your ISP does not throttle your bandwidth based on ever-changing government regulations.
However, while the anonymity is a huge plus, another factor to consider when using a VPN is its ability to unlock geo-blocked content. This sounds complicated, but let me make it easier … Netflix has a specific catalog of shows that are available in the USA, a different catalog in the UK and yet another catalog in Canada. Each country has specific criteria around what shows can and cannot be shown in their region, and these decisions are often completely arbitrary. However, if you have the ability to unlock this through the use of VPN, you will be able to access even more content than you would have had access to previously!
We recommend IPVanish to all of our readers – not only is it extremely easy to setup and configure, it won’t slow down your streaming experience at all. Even better –we’ve arranged an EXCLUSIVE deal with Ipvanish to give our readers 57% discount. Just click on this link

Add-Ons and Kodi

Installing add-ons can seem daunting to anyone the first time it’s done. However, it is really a simple matter of conducting a few steps (which will become extremely familiar over time) in sequence.
A really good video guide that is available is on the link below. Start with that first as it will show you what I’m going to be doing.

The basic instructions for installing an add-on are as follows:

Configure for Unkown Sources

As these add-ons are not on the play store, you need to ensure that you allow your Android box the ability to install them.
  • Open Kodi and navigate to the system menu – this is accessible via the icon shaped like a gear on the top left corner.
  • Go to system setting > add-ons and click the option entitled unknown sources so that it is selected. Once you have installed all of the add-ons you want to, you can always come back and uncheck this box.

Installing Kodi Repositories

Kodi add-ons are stored in repositories on different servers around the Internet. Once you have found the repository with the files, you’ll need to follow these instructions to install them onto your system.
  • Go back to the system menu (gear menu on the top left) and navigate to file manager. Select add source by double clicking on the option.
  • On this screen click on the pop-up message that reads <none> and type in the address of the repository (we’ll give you that later). Give this source a name that makes sense and then save it.

Installing Kodi Add-Ons

  • Go back to Kodi’s main screen and select the add-ons section – this is an icon that looks like an open box.
  • Select install from zip file and then navigate to the repository you are interested and double-click on it. Wait for the completion message.
  • Go back one step and select install from repository and then within the repository look for the add-on your interested in. Double click on this add-on to install it and wait for the completion message.
  • Some add-ons will require additional configuration (like usernames and passwords) – you can do that from the configuration screen. You can find all of the video add-ons in the Video Add-Ons section of your Kodi home screen.

Some of the best Add-Ons

There are lots of different add-ons available (with a host of different repositories) and some are better for Movies while others are better for TV and yet others are better suited for Sports. The best thing about Kodi is that you are not restricted and you can actually install as many or as few add-ons as you need to, to get the programming you are most interested in.
We’ve created a list of some of the best Kodi add-ons that you should start with.
It’s important that you refer to this list frequently as while the positive of Kodi is the multitude of add-ons available, the downside is that sometimes they stop working! We will keep the list as up to date as possible to ensure that you always have access to the latest and greatest.

My add-on is not Streaming properly

In some cases, add-ons that are working perfectly simply do not work on your device and you get error messages. Frequently this issue is because the contents are geo-locked (if you recall I explained what this is earlier) and you are attempting to watch a program or access content that is not accessible in your region.
To rectify this issue, you need to have a VPN in place. I explained what they are earlier and at a very high level how they work, but most problems of this nature can be resolved by installing a VPN on your Kodi box. We’ll always recommend IPVanish especially with the discount we’ve managed to obtain, but even if you do not go with them, you really should ensure that you have a VPN on your Kodi box.
IPVanish just may be the fastest VPN provider out there, and you need as much speed as possible to stream. There are free VPNs, but they use slow servers and then the streams would be constantly buffering. With IPVanish you will get the best VPN experience available for the most competitive price.
Are VPNs legal?
Yes, they are totally legal, you have the right to stay anonymous.
Get the most of Kodi with IPVanish:
  • Unblock Geo-targeting to access any content regardless of where you are located
  • Bypass any censorship put in place by websites or streaming providers
  • Stay truly anonymous when streaming content to your Kodi device
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How to Install Seyir TURK on Kodi 17.3 Krypton Step By Step Guide (updated 2018)

To Install Ultimate IPTV Kodi 17 Krypton

Step By Step Guide

Step 1) From Home Screen go to Settings

Step 2) Click File Manager

Step 3) Click Add Source

Step 4) Click None

Step 5) Enter the following address http://repo.kodid.de

Step 6) Name it DE

Step 7) Make sure everything is correct and click OK

Step 8) Go back to home screen and click Add-ons

Step 9) Click the Add-on installer from the top left

Step 10) Click install from zip file

Step 11) Click DE

Step 12) Click Kodi_Repositories_Februar_2017/

Step 12) Click seyirTURK.repo-0.0.5.zip

Step 20) It will pop up Seyir TURK Enabled

How to Install 1Channel on Kodi 17.3 Krypton Step By Step Guide using k313vra Repository

To Install 1Channel Addon KODI 17 Krypton 

 Step By Step Guide

1) Go to File Manager (Folder icon to the bottom next to Gear & Star icons )
2) Select “Add Source”/ where is says “None” click Enter/ Add Source Link ” http://repo.cazwall.com/sc ” / Click “DONE”
3) Go down one time to the “Name Source” Section and Enter “.CAZ” (Dot will put name to the top of source listing)
4) Exit File Manager (Go back to Home Screen)
5) Go to System/ Add-Ons -OR- (Only KODI 17+): Go to Add- Ons/ Go to Add-On Settings ** Gear icon (in Add-Ons Tab) **
6) (Only KODI 17+) Configure Add On Settings to “Expert” or “Advanced” (Not Basic or Standard)
7) (Only KODI 17+) Exit Add- On Settings/ Enter “Download Area” in Add- Ons Section **( Box with Downward Arrow) **
8) Install from Zip file **(If Message “Unknown Source Disable” comes up, please revert to Step 5 & 6) **
5) Select “.CAZ”/ repository.simplycaz.zip /
6) Install from Repository/ Simply Caz Repo/Repository Add Ons/ TK Norris Repository/ Install / Video Add-Ons/ 1Channel

Step 1) From Home Screen go to Settings

Step 2) Click file Manager

Step 3) Click Add Source

Step 4) Click None

Step 5) Enter the following Address: http://fusion.tvaddons.ag/

Step 6) Name it Fusion

Step 7) Make sure everything is correct and click OK

Step 8) Go back to home screen and click Add-ons

Step 9) Click the Add-on installer from the top left

Step 10) Click install from zip file

Step 11) Click Fusion

Step 12) Click Kodi-repos

Step 13) Click english

Step 14) Click repository.k313vra-1.0.0.zip

Step 15) It will pop up K313vra’s Repository Enabled

Step 16) Click install from repository

Step 17) Click K313vra’s Repository

Step 18) Click Video Add-ons

Step 19) Click 1Channel

Step 20) Click install

The New Free American Netflix DNS Codes 2018

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All DNS Codes are listed as follows:
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS
**It is recommended you restart your device after putting in new DNS Codes for the changes to take effect.
Last Updated: June 26th/2018
The codes listed towards the top are the ones that have been confirmed to be working the most.
June 2018 Free American Netflix DNS Codes:
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May 2018 Free American Netflix DNS Codes:

April 2018 Free American Netflix DNS Codes: